Every Vote Counts!     

While primary elections have a history of low turnout compared to the general election, many races are determined in August at the primary election.

Did you know:

  • Only 25% of Voters turned out in the 2014 Primary in Butler County
  • An estimated 80% of Kansas elected officials are elected in the primary, although November elections get the majority of attention.
  • District 99 State House of Representatives was decided by only 147 votes in the last August primary

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Many don't have the ability to vote because-

  • They are not registered and don't know where to start
  • Their address or name may have changed and was never updated.

There are many reasons why citizens don't vote:

  • August through November is a very busy time
  • Many do not understand the importance of the August primary
  • Voters do not realize that they can apply early for Advance Ballots for both the primary and general election.

It's never too early!

We've made it easy for you to get registered, apply for advanced ballots and know when to vote!

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Joey Laham

1st Place Bench @ 315 Pounds

1st Place Power Clean @ 270 Pounds


Grant Janzen

3rd Overall for Most Pounds Lifted